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Fire Place Safety is Our #1 Priority

Have you done your annual Fire Place Inspection?

Local Chimney & Fireplace Experts

Hire a team of professionals when you schedule your appointment with Fire Place Contractors. Licensed, insured and expertly trained!

Chimney Inspections

If you’re having problems with your fireplace, or maybe you haven’t used it in your new home, contact Fire Place Contractors. We perform rigorous diagnostic and inspections to ensure it’s safe to use.

Chimney Fire Safety

One of the things most important with a gas or wood-burning fireplace is the venting system. Having an annual chimney cleaning and inspection provides peace of mind from risks like fires, or impoper venting which could be hazardous to your health.

Affordable Services

No one wants to spend a fortune to enhance their living space or heat their home. This is why Fire Place Contractors in DFW is dedicated to providing the best prices on all our services.

Custom Fabricated Chimney Cap Installation

Chimney caps prevent water and other debris from entering your fireplace and causing damage.

Copper finish chimney cap
Chimney cap on DFW rooftop
chimney with damaged exterior

DFW Most Trusted Fire Place Contractors

Certified, Licensed Fire Place Experts you can trust with your home project!

Firebox Repair

A damaged firebox can be a serious hazard and it is HIGHLY recommended you fix any cracks or breaks before using the fireplace. 


Inspections are recommended to be done annually before starting your first fire of the season. Eliminate the risks by having a certified technician take a look.

Gas Log Installation

If you’re looking to improve your homes decor by installing a new fire place, we sspecialize in gas log installations.

Fireplace Cleaning

Both gas, and wood burning fireplaces will accumulate buildup during its usage. Cleaning this buildup is important as creosote is highly flammable. Schedule a Fireplace cleaning with us today!

Other Repairs

During our inspections we look for any damages or needed repairs to bring your fireplace up to code. This includes checking the flue, chimney cap, dampener and other important components. 

Custom Fireplaces
To Enhance Your Home

Install a custom fireplace that looks amazing and provides efficient heating for your home!

technicians wearing masks install fireplace

The greatest

Wood Burning Fireplace Installation

Depending on the structure of your existing chimney, you can convert your gas fireplace to a wood-burning alternative. Enjoy a safe open flame during the holidays and contact Fire Place Contractors DFW for an estimate.

masonry chimney repair

Good Hands.

Expertly Trained Technicians

Choose the company with all the qualifications necessary to perform the work safely. Our technicians are certified, insured and bonded to give the best service possible.

OUR demands

High Quality Repairs

We find using the highest quality materials and parts ensures a long lasting solution for each of our customers. 


DFW Best Fireplace Repairs

In DFW it can be difficult finding a trustworthy local company to provide these services. Use Fire Place Contractors for your next home project for affordable prices, and the best service possible. 

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