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Colleyville Fireplace Contrators is proud to service DFW with only the highest quality service. Your fireplace and chimney will accumulate soot, creosote & debris that will ultimately affect the efficiency of your chimney, and can be a serious safety hazard if untreated for too long. It is crucial to get professionals to handle your chimney cleaning and fireplace repairs & installations.

Are you wondering which fireplace installation & repairs and chimney cleaning professionals to choose? Call Fire Place Contractors in Colleyville, Texas, today. We are a dedicated fireplace & chimney cleaning company that provides a variety of services for homeowners in Colleyville and surrounding areas.

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Fireplace Install In Colleyville

Since the chimney collects debris from the burning of gas or wood, it is important to sweep and clean thoroughly to prevent any build-up that could become a fire hazard. The creosote produced in chimneys is highly combustible and it is highly recommended to have an inspection done each year. To get the best service and pricing on your annual chimney sweep, hire a local company like fireplace contractors!

Fireplace glass doors

We install fireplace glass doors for customers that need to secure the fireplace or install them for the aesthetic purposes. Glass doors can be retrofitted to suit the space and enhance the look of your fireplace.

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Chimney Masonry & Custom Fabrication

Your chimney will get damaged with time, especially with brick chimneys. We do chimney repairs to prevent further damage from erosion to the flashing and exterior bricks. Masonry that is falling apart or cracked can cause water to seep into the flue, and potentially get into the framing of the home which would lead to much more extensive damage and repairs. Our expert masonry team can rebuild your chimney to keep it functioning at optimum levels, and bring it back to it’s former glory.

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Colleyville Chimney Water-Proofing

At times, water leaks to your chimney and fireplace through the chimney opening or some damage in your roofing. It may cause water damage to these places. It is important to have regular inspections from professionals to have proper water leak detection and waterproof the area. Any leaks in the flue is a serious concern and should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent water damage and erosion to the chimney and home.

Fireplace Contractors Affordable Chimney Sweep

Chimney inspections are key to keeping the chimney working better for longer. Occasional inspections from us will let you know if you need to do any repairs before they get worse and affect the effectiveness of the chimney. Fireplace inspections especially in a factory will keep the soot and creosote to a minimum and keep your fireplace safe and protected against fire hazards. Any damage will also be detected early on and you will avoid paying too much to have it replaced. Inspections are also key in ensuring that you will not have to deal with carbon monoxide poisoning in your home or business.

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Wood & Gas Burning Fireplace Repairs

Wood and gas fireplaces can become clogged over time due to the by-products of burning these types of fuel. Cleanup ensures that there is a low risk of harmful gases collecting in the property when the chimney is in use. Additionally, repairs should be made occasionally to remove the debris that collects inside.

Custom Made Chase Pans

Chase pans made from wood or vinyl are a great way to prevent debris from the outside from getting into your chimney and fireplace. They are also effective in preventing water leaks from heavy rains, which can ruin your fireplace. Additionally, animals and pests can get into the chimney and make habitats. Chase pans can prevent this. Custom-made chase pans suit your home or business as they are made to complement the beauty.

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Colleyville Fireplace Contractors Animal & Nest Removal

Open chimneys invite animals to build their nests and other habitats inside. Getting a professional to remove the animals or birds safely is the best way to handle this. Our experts remove the animals and nests and employ measures to keep these situations from recurring.

We also provide flues and flue liners to ensure that all gases are removed completely when you are using your fireplace.

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Our company is licensed and insured, which means that you can be certain our staff is trained. We also know the risks involved in chimney and fireplace cleanup, which is why we are fully insured against any damage that may occur during the process.



Our technicians are all trained and skilled in fireplace and chimney services, so we can guarantee our customers that they will always get top-notch services each time they contact us. We also have the best tools to offer the above services for homes and businesses of any size. Our clean up process involves using a broom to knock off the loose soot and an inspection with a camera to see the debris or damage to your chimney. We also have the right tools to cleanup the debris once the clean up is done.


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We provide affordable prices for our customers. Our top-notch services match the prices that we charge for each of our services.

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