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Get the best prices on your next project by choosing Fireplace Contractors for your fireplace installation. We specialize in chimney and fire place cleaning, repairs, installation and much more! Theres no project too big or small for our team to handle.

Locally Trusted Chimney & Fireplace Installation

Being in a situation where the fireplace has to be set up and/or redesigned means going with a qualified team in Irving.

At Fire Place Contractors, we are a professional-grade service provider with years of expertise in the management of these types of projects. You will feel in control of how the fireplace and chimney are going to be set up along with how they are maintained.

If you want to go with the best, we are the right fit for your needs moving forward.

Premium Chimney Cleaning Services in Irving

The chimney is a part of the setup that tends to get worse over time. You will need to have a stable maintenance schedule to make sure it remains in good shape and continues to produce the results you are hoping for.

When the chimney is not kept clean, it starts to add up to the point you are not going to be happy with how it plays out.

This is why you will want to get one of our specialists to take a look at what is going on inside the chimney using our high-tech cameras. We will make sure things are done properly.

Detailed Fireplace and Chimney Inspections

The one thing you are going to like about Fire Place Contractors is our commitment to assessing the issues at hand. This includes working on a chimney and making sure we gauge what is going on inside whether it has to do with animals or water damage.

Our professionals will make use of cameras to look into the chimney and see what has to be done to fix the issue on your property.

It is this attention to detail that allows you to feel safe with the work we end up doing.

Custom Chimney Cap Installation

It is common to think about water damage and how the fireplace is going to be set up. You will want to account for these details by taking a look at the waterproofing measures taken by the team.

At Fire Place Contractors, we are only going to use the finest measures to work on your setup and that is a guarantee.

You are welcome to sit down with one of our specialists to find out more about your options and how we are going to go about doing our work in Irving.

Expert Masonry Work

We have been doing this for a long time and that includes the type of masonry work our team relies on. We do not waste time when it comes to the finer details and we remain focused on understanding what our clients are hoping for.

This level of experience and quality is something you are going to appreciate when one of our specialists comes to take a look in Irving.

We want to ensure you are receiving access to the type of masonry work that will age well and is going to be tailored to match your needs. This is a must when you want things to be done the right way and no corners should be cut.

Best Fireplace Installation Irving TX

New Chimneys and Fireplaces

If you are thinking about setting up a new fireplace in the house, you are going to hope to do it the right way. This includes assessing the different models available for you to go with and which one will work out best.

Our experts at Fire Place Contractors will take the time to go through these details with you. This includes assessing what type of setup is going to work best and what to think about over the long haul. All of these details are going to make your decision an easier one.

Prevent Further Damage By Solving Water Leaks

When there is a water leak, you will want to go with professionals that are quick to act and are not going to waste time. This includes having the best equipment to assess what is happening and how to react to the situation at hand.

We are not going to waste time when it comes to finding out where the water is coming from and how it needs to be stopped.We know it is not easy to deal with water leaking all over the place and this does tend to add up over time. Instead of waiting for the water to spread everywhere and damage things around it, you are going to want to choose a team that is on top of what needs to be done instantly.

This is a must when it comes to understanding what your options are and how we can help make things right as time goes on.With our help, you will know the water damage is not going to spiral out of control at any stage as we will ensure things are refined.

Fire Place Contractors Irving Offers Animal and Nest Removal

It is not easy to deal with a situation where there are animals inside the chimney. This can be disconcerting and it’s the last thing you are going to want to face as soon as it is time to start looking into the chimney to see what is going on.

At Fire Place Contractors, we are qualified to help take care of these kinds of issues instantly. We are going to be fast to react and will make sure everything is done to match your needs. We are not going to waste your time and things will be done based on what you are hoping for.

Give us a call to get started and know you are in great hands.

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