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Fire Place Contractors serves Grapevine, TX with professional fireplace & chimney services ranging from inspections, repairs all the way to installation. We have expert hands in custom chimney cap fabrication and masonry to make a functional, and beautiful fireplace for your home or office.

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Cleaning your chimney should be a top priority at your home or place of business. The consistent buildup of creosote can lead to a narrowing of the chimney, causing the smoke to back up inside. Potential fires may also occur, due to the flammability of this material, which is why regular inspections and cleanings are recommended. If you are in the Grapevine area of Texas, there are many different companies that specialize in monitoring and resolving hazards associated with using a fireplace. Let’s look at different ways of assessing the businesses in Grapevine that offer these services.

Dangers Of A Dirty Chimney

Majority of chimney fires stem from debris buildup in the flue, and cracks in the chimney lining. Chimney fires are dangerous for several reasons. On one hand, you and your family will be in danger if the chimney catches fire. However, it can also spread to other homes. The probability of a fire depends upon how often you use your fireplace, the type of wood that you are burning, and other materials that you may also burn. In older homes, perhaps one that you have recently acquired, an inspection would be mandatory. Before anyone moves in, a professional business should examine the interior of the chimney to make sure it is completely safe to be used.

An Overview Of Chimney Inspections

Chimney inspections are fairly straightforward. This involves looking at the exterior and interior of the chimney itself. From the exterior, the contractor will examine the structure of the chimney, taking note of problems with the mortar and missing bricks that will need to be replaced. Any openings at all can affect not only airflow but may lead to interior flooding during rain storms. From there, they will then send a camera into the chimney to look at what is inside. What they are looking for is a buildup of creosote, soot, and cracks in the chimney itself. Once it is cleaned, they may then recommend installing and chimney flue to bypass any future problems.

Grapevine Chimney Flue Installation

There are several benefits to investing in a chimney flue. First of all, if you are not burning the fire, it can prevent cold there from coming into your home. Although chimney dampers are also used for this purpose, a chimney flue is helpful in two other ways. First of all, it can provide a symmetrical exit for the smoke, lining the inside of the chimney itself. Second, it can prevent areas where cracks have appeared to provide improper ventilation, which might actually increase the chances of a chimney fire occurring. To do so, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional company in the Grapevine area to do this for you.

How To Choose A Company That Can Assist You With

Whether this is the home that you are currently living in, a rental, or your place of business, a professional business should be used when working with your fireplace or chimney. The business should have a long-standing reputation in the community, providing their services at reasonable prices as well. Each business should be properly licensed and insured. Finally, they should offer a wide range of additional services that could also be helpful. That is why many people choose to work with Fire Place Contractors.

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Affordable Fireplace Repairs in Grapevine

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Chimney Services Offered By Fire Place Contractors

If you just need to clean your chimney, this business can provide this service for you. This usually includes video camera inspections prior to the cleaning procedure itself. This will involve chimney sweeping, utilizing steel wire brushes that can knock loose the creosote and other materials. Once removed, they can address other problems that they may discover and could also install a chimney flue. If you are currently using an old-style fireplace, you may want to have them install a firebox insert instead. These tend to be much more efficient when heating a home. In addition to these services, this company can also do masonry repairs. These are recommendations that the company may provide to you after doing their initial inspection.

Custom And Advanced Fireplace Repairs

Some of the advanced services will include waterproofing, expert masonry work, and the installation of exhaust fans. They can also install, and even replace, both top and bottom dampers. If you need to have new copper flashing installed around the base of your chimney, this is another project that they can do. They have worked with metal and brick smokestacks, and have also produced turbine caps and standard size caps when needed for their customers. For those that are interested in converting to oil or gas boilers, this business can install them as well. All of these projects can be completed by this licensed and fully insured company that has been operating in Texas for years.

Contact Fire Place Contractors To Book An Inspection

If you would like to contact Fire Place Contractors, they are more than willing to work with new customers. Whether this is for your place of business, or your personal home, they can schedule a time to meet you. Over the phone, you can tell them what you would like to have accomplished. If it has been several years since the chimney has been inspected, they will likely recommend this initially. Based on that inspection, and the information that they will gather, they can then make further recommendations on how to make your system and chimney safer. Once you have an appointment, you can feel confident that they will arrive on time. Every job will be completed efficiently and effectively by these fully trained and certified professionals.

If you have been searching for a company in Grapevine, Texas to do a chimney cleaning, or perhaps a fireplace repair, contact the professionals at Fire Place Contractors today. Once you are on their calendar, they will arrive punctually and do their initial inspection. If you would prefer, they can simply clean your chimney, or assist you with any other issue you may have. From masonry work to the installation of chimney flues and gas-burning fireplaces, they will help you at a reasonable cost. For more information, contact Fire Place Contractors today.

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