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It gives a cozy feeling when you sit around a fireplace, with friends and family, on a chilly night. The fireplace must have a properly functioning chimney for its efficient working.

Chimneys work to remove byproduct gases from the burning, consisting largely of CO2 and hot air. Warm air and smoke escape through a chimney to create a draft that pulls them out of the space being warmed.

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Gas & Wood Burning Fireplace Services

A fireplace has a hearth where wood, coal, oil, or gas is burnt, and a chamber lined with firebricks to protect the walls. This chamber has an opening at the top where a damper is placed, that allows you to control the draft.

This leads to a chamber that further narrows to a flue that connects it to the chimney that extends at least 3 feet above the opening that it creates in a roof. The flue is lined with fire-resistant tiles for protection and to make it smooth.

The chimney is open at the top and is capped leaving openings on the side. This cap prevents rain and snow from entering the house through the chimney. The side outlets also need to be protected by grilles or mesh to prevent them from becoming entry points for rodents, birds, and other creatures.

Dimensions of the various components are decided as per the area of the fireplace and its opening. Chimneys extend to a height of at least 15 feet above the hearth and three feet above the roof opening.

Hire Fireplace Contractors For Your Next Chimney Sweep

For the continued and efficient functioning of a fireplace and chimney, it needs to be regularly maintained. A badly maintained chimney can cause soot to build up in it, and this can lead to fires.

The cleaning is best left to professionals. if you are in DeSoto, look for agencies that offer fireplace repairs & installations, chimney cleaning & inspections. Lok for experienced contractors who have the proper certification to work on chimney cleaning. It can also be of help if they carry the necessary liability insurance.

Licensed & Certified Chimney Inspections

A good chimney cleaning agency will come and first clean the chimney, check it for the build-up of creosote, which are particles that remain unburnt in the fire, damage to liners in the fireplace, and importantly the flue.

Such inspections will be visible and often through the use of video cameras inserted into the chimney. It will also involve checking on chimney caps dampers, the structure of the chimney, and other components. Once the cleaning is done and the entire line has been inspected, you’re given a full report, as well an estimate if there are any repairs recommended.

Professional Chimney & Fireplace Service In DeSoto

Chimney, Fireplace, and Flue Cleaning & Inspection Process

On completion of the inspection, you should receive a quotation for the work involved and a time estimate for completing it. Scheduling the cleaning and repair exercise will lead to the chimney sweep coming to your home with all the required tools and other implements needed for the cleaning. They will ensure that your home is protected with plastic covers over furniture and on the floor where the debris of the cleaning is likely to fall. They will also wear protective gear themselves to protect them from accidents during work.

Heavy metal bristled brushes are used to clean a chimney. They are fixed to long rods that allow them to reach well into the chimney and its various parts. They can start either from the floor or from the roof and will scrape all the coatings that have accumulated inside the chimney and other parts. This falls into the fireplace and needs to be cleaned and swept away. While working from the roof they will also remove any nests or other animals that may have used the chimney. They will carry out their work systematically, ensuring that they do not neglect any part of the chimney.

Once the cleaning is completed, it is time to attend to other problems that may have been apparent during the inspection. This may require the service of other professionals for repairing dampers, replacing damaged or broken tiles in the flue and hearth, and any other work that needs to be carried out. Upon completion of all the work, a thorough inspection will be carried out once again, to ensure that the chimney is in fine condition and is ready for use again. Test fires are lit to check the efficient working of the chimney to confirm that it is back to its original state and will function as before.

New Fireplace Installation In DeSoto

Fireplace Contractors in Desoto can also undertake the installation of new chimneys and fireplaces in new homes or retrofit them into existing homes. These fireplaces and chimneys will be designed to serve the space to be heated and sized accordingly.

Your chimney is an important part of ensuring comfort in your home and must be inspected and maintained at regular intervals. You will never regret taking the time and making sure you have a budget for this.

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