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Fire Place Contractors is offering Frisco, TX with the most affordable chimney related services. We do cleanings, inspections, repairs, new installations and even custom chimney cap fabrication. Our company is focused on providing solutions that are reasonably priced yet effective. 

Affordable Fireplace Repair Experts

If you own a home in Frisco, Texas, or perhaps a business, you may have the chimney installed for heat.

As time passes, it’s important to inspect your chimney to make sure creosote has not built up inside.

If so, this could pose a significant problem, especially when excessive heat may lead to a fire. By regularly cleaning your chimney, and inspecting your fireplace, you can maintain high levels of safety.

This should be accomplished by a certified and licensed chimney sweep professional. These businesses will also have other areas of expertise which may include the ability to install firebox inserts and furnaces that you may need.

Here is how you can find the best chimney sweep and fireplace contractor in the Frisco area.

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The Importance Of Regular Chimney Inspections

The type of wood that you are burning in your fireplace can contribute to how quickly creosote and soot can build up over time. For most people, cleaning their chimney once a year is sufficient. Problems with your chimney may not be limited to only an internal problem. Older homes may have chimneys made from brick that can fall into disrepair. There are businesses that also specialize in masonry repairs and the use of mortar to build and restore chimneys. These same companies may also provide you with the option of installing a chimney flue that can make the chimney much more safe and efficient.

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How To Assess Chimney Sweep And Fireplace Contractors

Contractors that provide the services will be licensed and insured. They should also have years of experience, having helped multiple homeowners and businesses that have fireplaces or firebox inserts installed.

The same is true for businesses that use furnaces for heat. Regular inspections and repairs are often needed.

Finally, you should use a company that has provided its services for individuals and companies in the Frisco area. A local business will likely be easier to make contact with. For these reasons, you should consider contacting Fire Place Contractors.

Fireplace Repair And Installation Frisco TX

This business offers several different types of services, all related to chimneys and heating units. These units may include standard fireplaces, fireboxes, and other types of wood burning stoves. Gas burning fireplaces will also be included in the items they can install and repair. Additionally, during their inspections, they will use video cameras to thoroughly examine your chimney looking for problems that need to be fixed.

Standard size caps, as well as custom-made caps, can be produced for your chimney. Metal smokestacks, turbine caps, and general waterproofing and flashing services are also offered. If you do have a fireplace, glass doors can be installed to make them more appealing and also much safer. From creosote removal to installing flue liners, this business offers a multitude of services to keep you safe.

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Fire Place Contractors Chimney Cleaning Process

The process that they use is fairly straightforward. It often begins with the initial inspection. They will then use a wire brush throughout the chimney, allowing them to knock free debris, creosote and soot. Once this is done, a camera inspection will occur, allowing them to look for unseen damage covered by these materials. They will then make an assessment of any damage that needs to be repaired and will provide the customer with recommendations. At the very least, the chimney will be clean, allowing the homeowner or business owner to rest easy. At the same time, they may also recommend different heating systems that might be more efficient for the home or building.

Additional Services Offered By This Company

At the top and bottom of the chimney are dampers used to control airflow. When the damper is open, the airflow is higher, allowing the heat to become more expensive. By closing down the dampers, less oxygen will be available, causing the fire to diminish in size. However, if these are stuck in one position, or if they are broken, it can affect the ability to make and sustain of fire. This business can also build new chimneys, as well as construct fireplaces, per your specifications. They are experts at masonry work, and also excel in rebuilding brick chimneys and fireplaces as well.

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Schedule Fire Place Contractors Today!

Individuals and business owners can call this company directly to schedule their initial appointment. They will likely do an inspection to determine what problems, if any, need to be resolved. They may also recommend custom-made chase pans, exhaust fans, and also can handle any repointing that needs to be done.

From the rebuilding of fireboxes to installing metal smokestacks, this company does it all. Once the appointment has been scheduled, they will promptly appear on time. Working quickly, they will do their inspection, and provide you with an assessment.

They have years of experience in working with businesses and individuals in the Frisco area, ensuring that they will always do a proper job.

If it is your intention to make your home safe this year, you may want to start with a chimney inspection. The professionals at Fire Place Contractors will be able to assist you. From inspections to the installation of fireboxes and more, you can count on these professionals for exceptional work and low prices.

To get an estimate, or to simply schedule an annual inspection of your fireplace and chimney, give them a call today.

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