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Fireplace Contractors is proud to service Coppell TX and it’s surrounding areas with the highest quality in the industry. With years of experience and all the necessary certifications, consider us for your annual cleaning or home project!

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When searching for a professional company in Coppell, Texas to clean your chimney, it’s important to understand their qualifications. They should have years of experience, and a vast assortment of tools and knowledge, that will ensure the job will be done right.

These businesses will often offer additional services, including the repair and installation of fireplaces. One of the top companies in Coppell for these services is Fire Place Contractors. Here are the reasons why this business is my top choice for offering chimney sweep and fireplace-related services.

Professional Fireplace Installation Coppell TX

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Licensed Insured Chimney Professionals

This company has many qualifications that will make them your top choice for cleaning your chimney or perhaps installing a fireplace. They have years of experience in working with homes and businesses of every possible size. Not only do they provide chimney cleaning services, but they can also offer regular chimney inspection services.

They will use a camera that will initially inspect your chimney and then make recommendations based on their findings. If you choose to use their chimney cleaning services, they can quickly and efficiently remove debris, soot, and creosote from the chimney. This will minimize the potential of fires occurring within the chimney now and in the future.

Coppell TX Chimney Cleaning 

Using the proper tools to clean it chimney is very important. All professional businesses will use a wire chimney brush. This will enable the professional to dislodge materials in the chimney quickly and efficiently. It also allows them to reach hard-to-access portions of the chimney where creosote and soot could be.

At the very least, their state-of-the-art camera system will allow them to identify areas that need to be addressed. All debris that is extracted will be removed safely and promptly. Based on the results of this service, they can then make further recommendations.

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Fireplace Repairs And Installations

Although cleaning a chimney regularly is important for safety reasons, it can also reveal potential problems. As the masonry of an older chimney becomes less reliable, this can be revealed through these types of inspections.

Fortunately, this business is capable of doing all of the repairs that will be needed. Perhaps you would like to install a fireplace insert or a gas-burning fireplace instead. They have worked with both gas and oil boilers, ensuring that the installation will be done properly.

Best Chimney & Fireplace Repairs 

This business offers additional services and products that can be effective in improving your existing chimney system. They can install flue liners to help prevent smoke drafting issues or the potential for chimney fires. They make a variety of custom-made turbine caps and can do damper repairs. If any water leaks are detected, masonry can be repaired promptly to prevent any further leaks from happening. Additional services will include the installation of metal smokestacks, and fireplace glass doors, and repointing can also be done. There is no job too complex for this business which also charges very affordable prices. It all begins with a phone call to this Coppell Texas business.

Hire Our Company For You Annual Chimney Sweep  & Inspection

To get your inspection, cleaning, or installation service done, you need to contact Fire Place Contractors today. We can schedule a time for a representative of their company to do an inspection or cleaning. If you would like to have a new fireplace installed, they can come out to take measurements. While they are there, they can also offer additional options that you may want to consider which might be more advantageous for your home or business. It all begins with a phone call to Fireplace Contractors which has been serving the Coppell, Texas area for years.

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Whether you need to have a chimney inspection done, or if you would like to have it cleaned, this company can assist you. If you need custom-made parts, or if you need to have new wood or gas-burning fireplace installed, they can assist you in doing so. Once you have an appointment with them, they will always be prompt, arriving at the scheduled time. These professionals are also courteous and extremely efficient, ensuring that every job will be done properly. For more information about this Coppell Texas fireplace chimney sweep and fireplace contractor, give them a call today to schedule your appointment.

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