Quality Fireplace Repair Roanoke

Fire Place Contractors in Roanoke, TX provides chimney & fire place services. These services include inspections, cleanings, repairs, installations, and gas or wood-burning conversions. We hold all the proper licenses, certifications, and experience to ensure you’re getting the best service possibnle in the industry.  

Roanoke’s local Fireplace Install Professionals

One of the best is Fire Place Contractors. This is a business that has years of experience in assisting both businesses and homeowners that need to have their chimneys inspected. Additionally, they are capable of installing fireplaces, fireplace inserts, boilers, and masonry repairs. At the very least, they can inspect your chimney to help prevent fires from occurring now and in the future. Here are the reasons that we recommend Fire Place Contractors for these services.

Annual Chimney Inspection

It is important to inspect your chimney at least once a year. This will involve sending a camera, typically on a telescopic pole, to examine the interior of the chimney itself. In many cases, the chimney will need to be cleaned to remove creosote and soot buildup. Chimney flue liners can also be inserted to help prevent any potential problems from happening. In fact, the insertion of flue liners can help prevent smoke-related issues, creosote buildup, and even water leakage. On the exterior, if masonry work needs to be done, a business like Fire Place Contractors will be able to assist you.

Affordable Chimney Services

This is a comprehensive company that has many areas of expertise. They are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to do this type of work. Their team of experts will be well-versed in using the tools needed for installation projects, chimney cleaning jobs, and doing virtually any chimney repairs. The installation of a firebox, fireplace glass doors, turbine caps, and even woodburning stoves is something that they can do. However, if it is as simple as rebuilding a brick chimney, or waterproofing your existing chimney, this can all be done for a reasonable cost.

Installation of Flue Liners

Flue liners are usually designed specifically for fireplace inserts, standard fireplaces, or woodstoves that are in your home. Once the inspection is completed, the professional from Fire Place Contractors will be able to make recommendations. Once inserted, the ventilation of smoke from the fireplace, and up through the chimney, will be improved significantly. At the very least, your masonry will be shielded from the corrosive gases produced by fireplaces and woodstoves which can lead to potential problems in the future.

Expert Masonry Repair in Roanoke

If you are chimney is many years or decades old, it may need to be repaired. It’s important to repair your chimney if you have noticed missing bricks, or perhaps the mortar is beginning to break down. If you do not have a chimney flue installed yet, this can lead to ventilation issues. Water can also begin during rain storms, which can lead to even more problems inside. To have this repaired, or perhaps install a chimney flue simultaneously, Fire Place Contractors is there to help.

Why Choose Fire Place Contractors In Roanoke

It is the comprehensive nature of this business that leads many people to contact them. This can be for installation projects, repair projects, or simply doing inspections.

Once the inspection has been done, you will then have a better idea of what repairs will be needed.

If you have recently purchased a home that is older, it might be necessary to improve the chimney and even replace the fireplace that you have right now.

It is difficult to find a company in Roanoke that can offer you these types of services. That’s why so many people recommend Fire Place Contractors.

Schedule An Appointment For A Fireplace Repair Estimate

On their website, you can find contact information for this business. They can schedule a time to come out to your place of business or home. If this is for an inspection, it can be done rapidly, allowing you to receive a professional assessment of repairs that need to be completed. If this is for a chimney cleaning job, they will arrive on time and thoroughly clean your chimney. All of this begins with a simple phone call to this business that is so well-known throughout the Roanoke area.

Once your chimney inspection is done, or perhaps your chimney sweep is completed, you can rest easy about the condition of your home or business. Whether you have the fireplace insert, boiler, or a standard fireplace, you will know that the chimney will be safe to use. If you have not been able to locate a reliable company, consider using Fire Place Contractors. This is the most reliable business in the Roanoke area that offers all of these services and more.

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