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Installing a new fireplace in any home can be a difficult task. If you have no prior experience with installations or masonry work, this can become problematic. Fireplace repairs can also be difficult to accomplish if you do not have the proper tools. This may also involve repairing the chimney. You bypass the difficulty of doing this, many homeowners will use a professional company. These are businesses that have likely installed and repaired fireplaces in the Lewisville area. At the same time, it’s important to consider the safety of your home by scheduling a chimney cleaning service. The company by the name of Fire Place Contractors will be able to assist you in completing all of these tasks.

Common Fireplace Repairs That Must Be Done

There are many inherent dangers to using an open fireplace in any household. If it is not installed properly, or if the chimney is clogged with creosote buildup, wood smoke can become a problem. Additionally, the dampers in the chimney can become dislodged. Some may not open at all. These are problems that will need to be fixed by a professional company that can resolve these issues. At the very least, the chimney needs to be inspected on an annual basis.

What Happens During Chimney Inspections?

A chimney inspection should always be accomplished by a seasoned professional who knows what to look for. Initially, they will be searching for creosote buildup and blockages in the flue.

If there are any cracks, leaks, or any type of damage, it’s often covered by the soot and creosote in the chimney.

That’s why a chimney cleaning service will often be brought in to clean the interior of the chimney before a proper inspection can be completed. Once done, and the damages identified, the repair process must move forward before the fireplace can be used.

The professionals at Fire Place Contractors will know exactly what to do.

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Chimney repairs can be quite comprehensive. This typically begins with the removal of creosote. This may also involve repairing a cracked flue. If there is no flue in the chimney, the company may recommend installing one in order to enhance the flow of air in the chimney itself. At the top of the chimney, they may recognize broken capping which must be addressed as soon as possible. Without a cap, rainwater can pour directly into the chimney, causing the fire to go out and smoke to spread throughout the home. Next, unsecured or missing masonry must be dealt with. The integrity of the chimney is based on the bricks and mortar that are used. Left unattended, the entire chimney can collapse. Finally, during the inspection, other blockages may be noted including animals making a nest. This is common in older homes, especially those that are not used regularly during the cold months of the year.

The Process Of Installing New Fireplaces

For some homeowners, it may be necessary to upgrade their current fireplace. Although doing repairs can be helpful, installing a new firebox insert, or a gas-burning fireplace might be your best option. For those that would prefer not to burn actual wood, the gas burning option would be available. You may also need to install fireplace glass doors in order to block excessive amounts of heat.

The company that installs the fireplace will obtain all of the permits, the fireplace model of your choice, and also replace your flooring if needed. If you do not have an existing vent hole, vents, or a chimney, they can do that for you as well. The primary benefit is that every safety concern will be addressed by these businesses.

Finally, they can also do masonry work to repair your existing fireplace if you are working with local licensed and insured contractors.

Why You Should Choose To Work With Fire Place Contractors

This is a business that has provided its services for businesses and homeowners throughout Lewisville, Texas. They can do chimney repairs, fireplace repairs, and firebox installations. If you are having issues with smoke in your home, or if masonry work needs to be done on your chimney, they can assist you right away. It’s important to use their services if you have not had your chimney cleaned in more than a year. Additional services that they offer include installing exhaust fans, flue liners, and gas-burning fireplaces. They can also do repointing, masonry work, and damper repairs as well. All of these services are provided by licensed and insured professionals that have years of experience in this industry. You will also get access to the very affordable rates that they charge for all of their services.

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The chimney and fireplace is important to maintain and have inspected regularly. As time passes, problems can arise, usually related to issues that occur over the course of time. Working with professionals that can install and repair all things related to fireplaces and chimneys would be advantageous when issues arise. By contacting Fire Place Contractors, they can schedule a time to do an inspection, chimney cleaning, or fireplace installation at your earliest convenience.

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