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Fireplace Contractors is a fully licensed, insured and certified chimney inspection, repair, and installation company based out of Dallas, Texas. With years of experience and tons of industry knowledge, you’ll be in good hands and receive the best service at the most affordable prices.

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Are you currently searching for a company in Dallas, Texas that can assist you with cleaning your chimney? Whether this is for a routine chimney cleaning service, or if you need to have an inspection done, our business can assist you. Our business, Fire Place Contractors, has been serving the Dallas community for many years. We can also do installations and repairs on chimneys for businesses and single-family homes. Here are the reasons why you should consider hiring our company if you are looking for a chimney sweep and fireplace contractor in the Dallas area.

Chimney Services In Dallas TX

Our company provides a vast number of services that pertain to the installation and repair of chimneys. This will include chimney cleaning services, inspections, chimney sweeping services, along with video camera inspections.

It is important to remove creosote buildup. This can lead to the potential of fires occurring. We can also help with resolving smoke drafting issues, resolving water leaks, and also rebuild fireboxes. All of these services will be provided at reasonable costs and done in a timely manner.

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Expert Fireplace Installation & Repair In Dallas

Masonry Work And Flue Installations

It may be necessary to build an entire chimney from scratch. That is something that our company can do. We are experts at working with this type of masonry. In addition to this, we can rebuild brick chimneys, and fireboxes, and also provide damper repairs.

Our services will also include custom-made caps, turbine caps, and the installation of fireplace doors. Essentially, any installation or repair involving masonry work, and the installation of chimney-related materials, can be handled by our experts.

Overview Of Our Chimney Cleaning Services

In order to clean your chimney, you need to have the proper tools. We will begin with using a long brush that will extend the length of your chimney, allowing us to knock loose any type of degree, creosote, or soot. Once this has been removed, we will use a camera for a final inspection. This will allow us to see any potential damage that may lead to smoke-related problems, leaks, or the general degradation of the chimney itself. Using tools and procedures common to this trade, we can do the repairs promptly. All materials will be safely and properly removed from your home.

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Annual Chimney Sweep & Inspection

Prior to doing any work, we will always provide you with an initial assessment of our inspection. If it has been many years since you have last had your chimney cleaned, it is important to know what needs to be resolved. Estimates will be provided promptly, providing you with an exact and detailed description of the work that needs to be completed. All of our inspections are done by certified professionals that can tell you what is wrong and what needs to be repaired to bring your chimney up to code.

New Fireplace Installations 

If this will be for a new home, our professionals can easily install a new fireplace per your specifications. This will ensure that it will need all code requirements, and safety requirements, once the final product is completed. If you are upgrading or improving your existing fireplace, we will provide you with many different options. We can also install copper flashing, dampers, chase pans, exhaust fans, flue liners, and even remove animal or bird nests if necessary. Our work is not limited to wood-burning stoves. We also work with gas and oil boilers. If you are looking for the most seasoned and affordable professionals in Dallas for this type of work, you should contact our business for a free estimate.

Check Your Chimney And Call For An Inspection & Cleaning!

You can contact our company by email or phone. Once you have made contact with one of our team members, they can schedule a time for us to come out.

Whether you need to have a new fireplace installed, or inspected, or if you need a chimney sweep done in the next few weeks, we can accomplish that for you.

At the very least, we will send a camera into your chimney to look for potential fire hazards. Your home and business will be much safer once the inspection is done by our professionals that have done hundreds of inspections before.

It is important to work with a professional business when looking for a chimney sweep business. The same is true for repairing and installing fireplaces and inserts.

Once you have contacted our business, we will arrive on time, bringing all of the necessary tools that will be needed.

If it has been quite some time since your last inspection, we will be more than happy to clean your chimney and inspect your fireplace for you.

For more information, contact Fire Place Contractors today.

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