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If you are fireplace is in desperate need of repairs, repairing the masonry on your own can be problematic. The same is true for issues related to your chimney, particularly cleaning your chimney, which will necessitate the use of special tools. At the very least, every homeowner should have his or her chimney inspected. This should be done on an annual basis. If you are in Prosper, in the state of Texas, you should contact the Fire Place Contractors, a business that you can trust for all of these repairs and installations.

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Whether you have a standard fireplace, or a firebox insert, your chimney needs to be inspected regularly.

The type of wood that you are burning will produce substantial amounts of soot and creosote which can build up over the course of several months.

This material, if heated to a high enough temperature, can lead to a potential fire. Therefore, to reduce the probability of having a fire in your chimney, you should have your chimney cleaned at least once a year.

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Prosper Fireplace & Chimney Cleaning

When a professional company cleaned your chimney, they will typically use the same exact procedure. It will begin with examining the flue of your chimney, followed by extending a wire brush down from the top. Using specific motions inside of the chimney, they will sweep any debris that is in the chimney itself. All of the material at the bottom will be swept up, or will be extracted with the vacuum, and the damper will then be reattached. Depending upon the amount of creosote in the chimney, this may expose potential problems. This may include cracks in the flue, or in the bricks and mortar of the chimney, which will prompt the need for repairs to be done. In addition to all of this, they can also contribute when it comes to fireplace installations.

Fireplace Installation Or Renovations In Prosper TX

If you want to install a new fireplace in your home or place of business, professionals should also be used for this type of installation. If this is a brand-new home, it will be easier to accomplish. However, these businesses can also remove your existing fireplace to insert a new one. The masonry work can also be installed by these companies which will be able to lay the bricks for both the fireplace and the chimney if needed. In fact, if masonry work or additional mortar needs to be added to the chimney, they can do this type of work as well. At the end of the installation process, they will light a fire to make sure the air and smoke rises up through the chimney. After testing for leakage, they can guarantee the installation process has been completed and that everyone in the home will be safe.

Why You Should Use Fire Place Contractors

For installations, repairs, and also evaluations of your fireplace and chimney, this business has a long history in the Prosper, Texas area. They have assisted a multitude of homeowners, as well as business owners, that have needed to have these services.

This will include annual chimney cleaning and inspection jobs. For fireplace installations and repairs, this is a top-rated company that you can trust.

The professionals that are part of this business will have the proper licensing and insurance to provide all of these services. Best of all, their competitive prices will make them your top choice for using them for these projects.

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Services That They Can Also Provide

This business is extremely comprehensive in regard to the services that they offer. Their inspections will involve the use of a telescopic video camera which will allow them to see the entirety of the chimney flue itself. Damper repairs, and the installation of exhaust fans, are possible with this business.

They are also experts at repointing, producing custom-made caps, and installing gas and wood-burning fireplaces. At the base of your chimney, copper flashing may need to be installed to protect the attic area.

From fireplace glass doors to the latest flue liners, they can help you with any fireplace-related installations and repairs.

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Residents in the Prosper, Texas area can rest easy knowing Fire Place Contractors will be there to help them. If you need to have masonry work done or install a brand-new flue liner, they can accomplish all of this and more. The prices that they charge are extremely affordable, plus they are always prompt. From start to finish, the knowledge and experience of the workers for this business will be apparent once the project has been completed. To gain access to the team of experts that are part of Fire Place Contractors, give them a call today. They can schedule an appointment to do a fireplace install, a chimney inspection, or complete a chimney cleaning service.

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